1. Kaunis Kuolematon
    Hamina, Finland
  2. Voidfallen
    Helsinki, Finland
  3. Slaughterror
    Helsinki, Finland
  5. Swansong
    Kuopio, Finland
  6. The Vice
  7. Night Crowned
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  8. Zornheym
    Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Plaguestorm
    Bahía Blanca, Argentina
  10. Repentance
    Chicago, Illinois
  11. S.O.R.M
    Lidköping, Sweden
  12. Rise To Fall
    Gorliz, Spain
  13. Oceanhoarse
    Helsinki, Finland
  14. Beneath My Feet
    Stockholm, Sweden
  15. Gomorra
    Basel, Switzerland
  16. Dawn of Solace
    Helsinki, Finland
  17. Feelingless
    Madrid, Spain
  18. Mercury Circle
    Dover, New Hampshire
  20. Neonfly
    London, UK
  21. Red Moon Architect
    Kouvola, Finland
  22. Humavoid
    Espoo, Finland
  23. Jaded Star
    Athens, Greece
  24. Tulkas
    Santiago De Querétaro, Mexico
  25. No Raza
    Bello, Colombia


Noble Demon Germany

Noble Demon is the rising power-house of heavy Rock and Metal music founded in 2019 in Germany. Former Nuclear Blast head of digital sales Patrick Walch is running the record label with support of former Napalm Records PR expert Mona Miluski’s agency All Noir and the management and back office of UCM.ONE in order to provide major level structures and support for both established and newcomer acts. ... more

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